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If we look at it in terms of romance then it could mean a long-term Neptune marriage Chiron that is filled with affection and desire Venus. One can also get conjuncted squares, but since squares are turbulent aspects, a conjuncted square would be negative. Of course conjuncted quincunxes are also possible. T-Square This is a very stressful pattern. We use the negative symbolisms of the planets when we have turbulent aspects or offset the symbolism so that an abundance of something becomes a lack of something. In this example we have a lack of awareness Uranus causing problems Saturn and accidents Mars.

Grand Cross This is another turbulent and difficult pattern. Here we have emotional problems Moon being caused by misinformation Juno , deception Saturn and greed Pluto. Kite The kite can be a very favourable pattern, but since there is an opposition involved the red line we can have problems depending on the planets involved.

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In most cases we can have enhancements dominating the pattern, but when Saturn, Sedna or Juno is involved then we cannot count on things being positive when one of those planets is in a turbulent aspect. In the example above we have long-term Neptune dreams Juno being communicated Mercury in a powerful way Pluto. Remember that Juno also rules delusions and illusions. Golden or Magical Rectangle Another favourable pattern. In this case it could mean good fortune Jupiter and money Venus and massive Uranus amounts of energy and enthusiasm Mars.

Magi or Mystical Triangle Even though the Magi or Mystical Triangle is asymmetrical, it is can still be a significant pattern in a chart. The planets that are involved and their relative positions are important. In the example above we have a very negative pattern because Saturn is in a sensitive point being involved in two turbulent aspects remember that quincunxes are turbulent when Saturn is involved. Pluto and Juno are sexual planets and this example could mean problems Saturn relating to sex Pluto and lust Juno.

The Fortress Fortresses are four sided figures where two of the sides are parallel. In geometry this is known as an isosceles trapezium or isosceles trapezoid. The exact interpretation of fortresses depends on the shape which aspects are involved and the planets that form them. Some examples follow. Invincible Fortress This fortress is invincible because one of the sides is a trine.

In this case the trine between Chiron and Pluto adds to that invincibility and this particular fortress means a powerful Pluto career Chiron with an instinct Moon for planning Pallas. Mighty Fortress In this example we have a person Sun who is emotionally and instinctively Moon geared up for long-term Neptune fame Uranus.

Flying Eagle A Flying Eagle is a very favourable planetary geometry and, like the name implies, gives the person or entity that has it in their chart the ability to soar high above everyone and everything. In this example we have a person that uses their body Mars perhaps by dancing, to create material wealth Ceres. With Uranus and Juno involved we also have a sexual charisma Juno that is famous Uranus.

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Iron Butterfly Iron Butterflies are strong like iron, but can adapt to changes like a butterfly. Trines, and particularly Grand Trines, have a reputation for being positive and creative aspects. However, this wonderful reputation is not wholly deserved. Each aspect has its own highs and lows, and none are any better or worse than the other aspects. The tendency of the Trine is harmony and flowing. Grand Trines represent an opportunity granted with open and effortless flow of energy between the planets.

While Trines can reveal where one's talents and comfort zones might be, Trines can also indicate where the individual might be lazy or uninvolved in conscious decisions. The Grand Trine energy can take on a life of its own with the individual simply tagging along rather than being an active participant in life.

Grand Trines can simply be too good and too much. The Grand Trine comfort zone may be in taking the easy way out, failing to encourage the individual to respond or participate.

The reward of the challenge seems to be missing. The potential of that Grand Trine may never be tapped by the individual who feels content to go with the flow, but at the same time is afraid to explore the passions that are hidden below the surface of the Grand Trine's great flow of energy.

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Each element represents a Grand Trine influence. Fire Grand Trines tend to be constantly busy with one activity or another.

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  • Individuals possessing a Fire Grand Trine are likely to over-extend themselves in the process because the tendency of the Fire element is to burn until there is no more fuel or oxygen left. A Grand Trine in Fire can often contribute to a sense of self-confidence and will tend to aspire for the highest highs possible. They tend to be outgoing and perhaps a bit dramatic. Intensity might appear to be the norm in their overall nature.

    Expressive and perhaps explosive while demonstrating their emotions, the Grand Trine Fire individual would benefit by learning to conserve their enthusiasm and impulsive nature as well as learning to tap into other expressions of emotion that are more progressive. Earth Grand Trines tend to be considerably less action oriented than any of the other elements.

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    The Earth Grand Trine individual can see no productive reason for zipping around like a humming bird, expending all that energy. Dependability, creature comforts and practicality tend to be the goals of the Earth Grand Trine. Consistency is the true nature of the Earth element. While the Earth Grand Trine person may be a bit more inclined to fall into bad habits and routines that are not the most productive, the Earth Grand Trine individual is the person most likely to succeed in quitting these bad habits if they feel that it is necessary.

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    Creativity and talents ranging from music to art is a typical manifestation of the Grand Trine nature. The Earth Grand Trine individual finds comfort in routine and structure. They are also likely to see the broad picture of reality when contemplating their next action. The Air Grand Trines tend to be highly idealistic. Since the element of Air is associated with the intellectual and social interactions, these Grand Trines may have an affinity for socializing and mentally challenging others. There is a nature of duality in each of the Air signs two twins, two scales, and two currents.

    Mentally, the Grand Trine Air may be turbo charged, talking almost as fast as they are capable of thinking.

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    They can cognitively explore a concept and discard it quicker than most other individuals. The Air signs are adept at forming ideas, developing connections and expanding on the mental faculties with great ease. They are also more prone to depression, short attention spans and skimming the surface in an effort to get a project done more quickly.