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The year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac is based on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. In this calendar, the first day of the year usually falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice. On New Year's day, we enter a new Chinese zodiac cycle, which follows this order:. As with many Chinese traditions , there is a story attached to the types of animals and the order they appear in the Chinese Zodiac.

He was so busy ruling the universe that he had no time to visit earth.

12 Zodiac Signs

He wished to know what the animals of earth looked like, so he invited them all to his heavenly palace for a banquet. The cat was fond of sleeping but did not want to miss the banquet, so he asked his friend the rat to be sure to wake him on the day of the banquet. The rat, however, was jealous of the cat's beauty and was afraid of being judged ugly by the Jade Emperor, so he let the cat sleep.

Pig month is connected to the first month of winter. If your Lucky Element of the Chinese birth chart is water, then Pig will bring you good fortune in You will do well in , too. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Rat Chinese Zodiac sign.

How to Read Your Chinese Horoscope: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

The Rat might fall down into the river. Rat and Pig are like-minded friends. You will Enjoy Your Social Life People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Cow Chinese Zodiac sign. Rainwater falls on the Cow at the farmland.

Where to travel based on your Chinese zodiac sign

Pig brings unlimited income opportunities to you. Everything Will Go Well People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Tiger Chinese Zodiac sign. The Pig will help Tiger cordially. But the information provided by Pig won't help Tiger. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Rabbit Chinese Zodiac sign.

Rabbit receives the gift, care, and love from Pig. Rabbit cannot tote away the gifts. Pig becomes a burden to Rabbit. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Dragon Chinese Zodiac sign. Dirty Pig falls in the dam of Dragon.

12222 Chinese Horoscopes Pig Year for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

It could ruin the clarity of the water. The sign is River of Pig flowing into the Dam of Dragon People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Snake Chinese Zodiac sign. Snake needs to constantly and patiently work under pressure from Pig. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Horse Chinese Zodiac sign. After industriously traveling under the sun, Horse happily drinks water on the river.


People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Sheep Chinese Zodiac sign. Pig brings Sheep good luck in career and wealth.

There are a few different types of Pig signs.

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Why choose the present twelve animals not others? Why is Chinese zodiac so Important to the Chinese? Chinese Horoscope Weekly Monthly People under different signs have unique characters and fortune.

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You can find out your animal signs quickly according to the zodiac years chart below and click the animal sign to view more information about the sign. Note: If your birthday falls during 21 January and February 20 in Gregorian date, you may belong to the zodiac sign of the last year.

Male Female. It's a mystery that which country created the zodiac first.

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According to the historical literature, the 12 animals in China used today including the animal selection and their orders were originated in the Han Dynasty BC — AD. The order of the animals is most explained with a folk-tale about how the animals were summoned to heaven by the Jade Emperor who ruled the heavens of China.

There are many different versions of stories and folklores related to Chinese zodiac. The most popular one is about the race between the animals. Legend said the Jade Emperor held a race and asked all the animals to participate. The first 12 could be given a place in the calendar.

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The pig got the last one because of stopping to eat. Based on the time of sun rise, the traditional Chinese people divided a day which has 24 hours into 12 segments. These segments with each having two hours are called Shichen.